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Pharmacology for sales reps


Pharmacyclics. It is primarily focused on the development of cancer therapies.


Pharma sales reps need to recall how various indications have been treated historically.

Learning objectives

Salespersons can:

  • Recall background information on how various indications have been treated historically

  • Recall treatment milestones​

My tasks​
  • Convert VILT into eLearning

  • Work with legal to ensure compliance

  • Integrate with Salesforce

  • 30 minutes responsive eLearning course

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Mindfulness app


N/A  - I volunteered to do this project for a mindfulness group run by Julie Forbes at Kaiser Hospital 


Beginner meditators often benefit from listening to guided meditation practices. The instructor, Julie Forbes had podcasts on her website, but her website wasn't mobile-friendly. 

Learning objectives

Beginner meditators can:

  • Perform gentle stretches

  • Perform relaxation breathing

  • Practice visualization ​​

My tasks​
  • Design User Interface

  • Design navigation

  • Develop app

  • Conducted a survey to evaluate app

  • Web app that streams podcasts

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English for nurses, social workers, and medical administrators


The province of Quebec


The province of Quebec commissioned McGill Continuing Studies to design an online training program for French-speaking health professionals who needed to communicate with their English-speaking patients

Learning objectives

Nurses, social workers and admins can:

  • Communicate with patients

  • Listen and ask questions

My tasks
  • Create storyboards

  • Design eLearning modules

  • Develop vocabulary videos

  • Provide feedback to content writers

  • Assist writers in adapting content to eLearning

  • Design templates, guidelines and job aid for writers

  • 100+ storyboards

  • 12+ vocabulary videos

Nice Nurse
Psychology Patient

Onboarding for new hires


Stryker Neuravascular advances therapies for stroke patients 


Stryker Neuravascular needed several eLearning modules to help new employees learn about strokes and Stryker's therapies.

Learning objectives

New employees can:

  • Describe a stroke

  • Identify risk factors for a stroke

  • Identify symptoms of a stroke

  • Describe Stryker's therapies

My tasks
  • Convert slide decks into eLearning

  • Collect stakeholder feedback

  • Collaborate on Level 1 survey

  • 3 eLearning modules

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Image by Robina Weermeijer
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